Until recently, if you wanted to change the shape of your face by enhancing your cheekbones to seem more pronounced, you needed to undergo a surgical procedure handled by a cosmetic surgeon. They would place an implant under your skin, which invariably involved scalpels, and other sharp, scary objects! Not so anymore.

Newer procedures, while still requiring the skill of a cosmetic nurse or surgeon, only involve tiny injections, and have minimal recovery time. You could come in for your treatment, and walk away an hour later with enhanced, beautiful new cheekbones!

The procedure

An anaesthetic cream is used to reduce any discomfort, and from there your nurse will inject Dermal Filler along your cheek bone. A very subtle look can be achieved or more filler can be added for more definition.

When will you see the effects?

The effects of non-surgical cheek enhancement are immediate. There may be some slight swelling, redness or bruising but this will subside.


After treatment, you may be advised to stop wearing makeup for up to 12 hours. You should also avoid the sun, and hot places such as saunas and steam rooms, for 2 weeks. Some people experience a little temporary tenderness, swelling or bruising around the injection sites.

Any side effects are usually minimal and can begin enjoying your new cheekbones immediately!

How long will it last?

Usually 12 – 18 months.

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