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Semi Permanent

Semi Permanent






Not Just for Aesthetics: Giving Confidence to Cancer Patients

Lucky as we are to have the advanced treatments of modern medicine, they can leave some fairly nasty side effects. Among the many issues cancer patients are forced to deal with, those undergoing chemotherapy may begin to lose their hair. Not only that, one in ten of the UK population suffers from some form of alopecia, and may never grow hair in certain places.

For those who feel like they’ve drawn the short straw in this way, I have been lucky enough to help in restoring their confidence, improving their outlook, and in some cases, simply making them feel normal again.

Semi-Permanent Makeup and Cancer

Unpleasant as it is to think about, let alone endure, chemotherapy can give cancer patients a longer life. Sadly, it asks a heavy price, and many who undergo it lose their hair during treatment. Though many cover up their hair loss with a hat or scarf, the one area they often cannot cover is their eyebrows.

Using Semi-Permanent Makeup, we’ve been able to restore the appearance of eyebrows to cancer patients, allowing them to look in the mirror and see their old selves looking back at them. Though it isn’t all we wish we could do, we are happy that at least we can do something to help.

Semi-Permanent Makeup and Alopecia

Alopecia is a condition that affects nearly one in ten people in the UK alone. Its symptoms include the inability to grow hair in certain patches on the body. It’s a problem that for many sufferers causes intense social discomfort, and unfortunately, even utterly undeserved shame. That I can help give or restore confidence to sufferers is one of my favourite parts of this job, and I love sharing the experience when they see their new hair in the mirror for the first time!

My experiences with the treatment

Seeing Semi-Permanent Makeup used in this way is a big reason that I changed my career path, and began my focus on such cosmetic procedures. Though compared to saving lives the effect is small, never underestimate the happiness or confidence it can give to those who truly deserve it.

Definitely the best part of my job.

  • Makeup

    Semi permanent makeup is the process of inserting hypo-allergenic pigments into the dermal layers of the skin.

  • Rejuvenation

    Dermal Fillers are versatile and can be used in different areas around the body to add volume to the skin, reducing lines and folds.

  • Non-Surgical

    Until recently, if you wanted to change the shape of your face, you needed to undergo a surgical procedure. Not so anymore.

  • About Abby

    Abby Stacey is a qualified senior nurse [BSc(hons) Nursing] with keen interest in aesthetics and semi-permanent makeup.

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